iRespond WebApp
The Mobile Device comaptible iRespond WebApp

Now teachers and trainers may take advantage of iRespond's many features wherever their students or employees are located. With the iRespond WebApp, students may use iRespond on most devices with a browser, including cell phones. This product gives you the full functionality of iRespond's real-time assessment, grading, and reporting capabilities, while not requiring you to be in the same location as your students or employees.

Real-Time Assessment Any Time, Any Place

Using the iRespond WebApp is easy. Teachers/trainers post an assignment. Students/employees are able to access the assignment from their remote location at their convenience, allowing them the freedom to complete assignments on their own schedule – even in the middle of the night!

Classroom Kit Includes
+ iRespond Teacher's Dashboard Software

+ iRespond Now! Software

+ iRespond WebApp Access
+ Free Software Updates for the Life of the Product
+ Access to the iRespond Manual, Quick Guide and Training Videos

Question Types
+ Multiple choice
+ True/False
+ Multiple response
+ Yes/No
+ Content Item
+ Numeric fill-in-the-blank
+ Survey
+ Text Entry
+ Extended response
+ Essay Response
+ Drawing Response

More Reasons to Choose the iRespond WebApp
+ Web-based
+ 24/7 Accessibility
+ No remotes needed
+ Extended Response
+ Text Fill-In-The-Blank
+ Homework
+ Student-Paced Mode
+ Numeric Fill-In-The-Blank
+ Grade Essays
+ Host on any Web accessible PC
+ Powerful
+ Instant Grading
+ Standards-based Reporting
+ Allows teachers to directly communicate with students
+ PIN Activation
+ Teacher’s Dashboard
+ Versatile
+ Flag questions for review

Product Details
Question Types

+ Multiple choice
+ True/False
+ Multiple     response
+ Yes/No
+ Content item
+ Numeric Fill-In
+ Survey
+ Text Entry
+ Extended     Response
+ Essay Response
+ Drawing     Response
Student Clickers

Testing Modes

+ Instructor Paced
+ Student Paced
+ MS PowerPoint

Other Features

+ Unique Login
+ Works with any     Browser Enabled     Device